Globetrotter's Guide

A Woman's Guide to World Travel 

the world is waiting for you to discover it's secrets...
A Woman’s Guide to World Travel speaks to all women.
Whether you have travelled extensively or not, the excitement is usually paired with some anxiety.
Being a woman influences our decisions about where we go, where we stay,
what we do, who we meet, and where we feel safest.
Women have to deal with things that men do not, and can not even imagine.
Unwanted attention and coping with safety are concerns that every woman has.
Knowing how to deal with the situations can help you
travel with more confidence, skill, and ease.
With the information and advice provided in this website and book, I will share
what I learned as I travelled in over 80 countries, both inside and outside of Western cultures.
You will learn what to expect and how to prepare for as many unexpected events,
and unusual circumstances in as many places as possible.
Let me help you on your journey, from your dream to travel, to safely returning home.
I will walk you through every step on route and help you prepare for
whatever destination you have packed in your bags!

Read Excerpts... 

The world is constantly changing, and the skills needed to travel smart as a woman
need to be continuously brushed up on to ensure a safe and smooth journey.
The real trick is to remain open and honest enough to accept that
you will be changed by these experiences.
Just go, get out there, and explore what the world has to reveal. 
This book is for sale in print, digital and audio

Introduction to Travel

One hundred years ago, we could only dream of travelling to the mythical places we read about in literature; now, that vision is a reality.

Who We Are

The average age of female traveller is between 35 and 54, however, it depends on the type of travel, the destination, and purpose of the trip.

Interacting with Men

Meeting men can be an enriching part of travelling, but try to approach these interactions with an open mind and a healthy dose of caution.

Mindful Tourism

As the number of tourists rises, your duty as a traveller is to ensure that you behave ethically toward the places and cultures you are visiting.

Explore the World

Be Free & Realize your Dreams

Embark on unforgettable journey led by seasoned traveler Caryl as she takes a small group of women on a bespoke tour around Asia and beyond. With the perfectly planned travel itinerary, fuel your wanderlust-filled soul and join her on a journey beyond the ordinary. 

With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for uncovering hidden gems, we will ensure that every aspect of your journey is seamlessly orchestrated, leaving you free to indulge in the magic of discovery. Exploration should be as enriching as it is effortless, so let Caryl be your trusted companion as you travel the world with confidence, comfort, and an immersive adventure that will leave you with long lasting memories.

Listen and Learn

Get ready from the comfort of home

With years of experience teaching travel courses, I will share my knowledge. You can gain the skills you need to travel with ease from this five-part course: Before You Go, On Route, Arrival & Around, Need to Know, and Returning Home are the key modules designed to cover every aspect of your journey.

Included in this course is an exclusive opportunity participate in a virtual classroom with Caryl, where you can benefit from personalized guidance. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first adventure, this course equips you with essential knowledge, invaluable insights, and practical tips to make your travel adventure memorable and hassle-free.